Who are Poole Therapies & Associates Ltd.

Our services are tailored to support organizations and individuals,

students, travelers, and families, living, and working abroad.


Several of our counsellors speak more than one language - languages spoken are

English -  French - Spanish - Greek - Chinese - Mandarin - Punjabi  - Urdu


Laura Clifford-Jones established Poole Therapies & Associates Ltd in 2019 to provide high quality and accessible counselling and mental health services when she gained the contract to run the in-house counselling service for and on behalf of the Anvil Group International (UK) now part of the Everbridge Group (2021), enabling them to fulfill various mental health contracts for Seven Corners, Fulbright Worldwide & USA, and other international organisations and universities.


Our vision is to provide non-judgmental mental health and counselling support and information all around the world. Whatever the reason for seeking help, we recognise that living, working, and studying abroad creates its own challenges and are distinct from those living, working, and studying at home.

Our Impact

Our monitoring data shows that our work makes a real difference to our clients

    • 2022  -   2183 sessions conducted for 309 clients seeking support Worldwide
    • 2021   -   1021 sessions conducted for 143 clients seeking support Worldwide -  with continuing COVID support
    • 2020   -   885 sessions conducted for 110 clients seeking support Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic
    • 2019   -    753 sessions conducted for 113 clients seeking support Worldwide


Laura is the best therapist I have ever worked with. I sought counseling with Anvil in one of the lowest moments of my life, and because of Laura I now have more tools than ever before to take care of myself. She always goes the extra mile by sending helpful resources and showing learning aids.

I have never met a therapist so well-versed in so many different techniques, methods, and areas– because of this extensive toolkit, Laura is able to personalize each client’s experience to how they learn. I understand myself better from working with Laura. She is continually positive, open, and honest and she celebrates neurodiversity. Laura changed my life!


Fulbright Mentor

Ellie was an AMAZING counselor. She challenged me to grow without telling me what to do, she helped me through parts of work to know myself better, heal past traumas, and recall all the ways I’ve grown, and she used creative art exercises to help me exercise my creative brain to interpret my emotions and feelings and deal with my anxiety


Fulbright Alumni

My therapist did a great job challenging me when appropriate and providing a different perspective. I’ve had other therapists who hadn’t challenged me, but with Amanda, I felt like I had positive growth


Fulbright Alumni

I really felt that Andrea saw that I was trying to get back to a “normal” and struggling with what that was. I felt like she helped me to accept that normal will be a little different and also gave me tools for when I felt uncomfortable or anxious.



Fulbright Alumni

Claire was an excellent counselor as I navigated my Fulbright. She listened thoughtfully and gave me a lot of tools to stay grounded. I had never done therapy online before, but despite the screens, I still felt heard and seen.


Fulbright Alumni

I really appreciated that Anvil was able to switch me over to Raushia. She listened to me without judgment, and her support is a major reason why I was able to finish out my Fulbright grant, despite all of the difficulties I faced. She made me feel heard and taught me that both my emotions and feelings are valid


Fulbright Alumni

Emily was very kind, understanding, and easy to talk to. She gave me tools to help me navigate my concerns with greater confidence. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking counselling.


Fulbright Alumni

Louise was extremely kind and helpful! I now feel like I have some good strategies for handling the stress and anxiety that I got from our sessions.


Fulbright Alumni

May was a wonderful and compassionate counsellor who provided useful insights to help me face my anxiety and professional challenges.


Fulbright Alumni

Yasmin was a great listener and had a talent for getting to the root of the issues I was experiencing. I think that it will always be challenging to establish a deeper counseling relationship working on such a short timeline, but I came out of this experience with a better understanding of myself and an idea of how I’d like to move forward with counseling, and that’s all that I could have asked for!


Fulbright Alumni

Working with Colin was great. Before beginning the sessions, I knew I needed some support, and he listened to my concerns and provided me with strategies to overcome some general negativity I was experiencing. It felt like a very focused series of sessions.


Fulbright Alumni

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