Who are Poole Therapies & Associates Ltd.

Our services are tailored to support individuals, students, travelers and families, living, and working abroad.

We support all around the world whether in-country or abroad


Laura Clifford-Jones established Poole Therapies & Associates Ltd in 2019 to provide high quality and accessible counselling and mental health services when she gained the contract to run the in-house counselling service for and on behalf of the Anvil Group International (UK) now part of the Everbridge Group (2021), enabling them to fulfill various mental health contracts for Seven Corners, Fulbright Worldwide & USA, and other international organisations and universities.


Our vision is to provide non-judgmental mental health and counselling support and information all around the world. Whatever the reason for seeking help, we recognise that living, working, and studying abroad creates its own challenges and are distinct from those living, working, and studying at home.

Our Impact

Our monitoring data shows that our work makes a real difference to our clients

    • 2022  -   2183 sessions conducted for 309 clients seeking support around the world
    • 2021   -   1021 sessions conducted for 143 clients seeking support around the world -  with continuing COVID support
    • 2020   -   885 sessions conducted for 110 clients seeking support around the world during the COVID Pandemic
    • 2019   -    753 sessions conducted for 113 clients seeking support around the world


I am immensely indebted to Laura Clifford Jones for providing a professional, client’s problem-centered focus and approach to counselling. Laura had been wonderful throughout the sessions with her keen listening and reflective problem solving based on my needs. I feel like living a new life after having been through therapy from her. I highly recommend her services for the future. Although this was the first-ever psychological help I sought and had trust issues. But right after the first few sessions, I was deeply satisfied to share everything and got phenomenal service from Laura. Many times I tried to be dependent on her but she was wonderful in handling my issues and enabling me to stand on my own and get the power to keep going in life smoothly. I wish I had approached these services earlier. Overall, I would give Laura 100/100 for all her support and patience keeping in view my needs. I once again really appreciate Laura for being such a huge support that gave me the courage to face life with a smiling face. Thanks

Fulbright PHD Reseracher Alumni

Ellie has made such a huge impact on my life and is better than any other therapist I have had (I’ve been through at least 4). Her art psychotherapy approach is life-changing. I felt in touch with a part of myself that I had only lightly explored prior, and I feel like I resolved many things that were affecting me at a deep level. I loved working with Ellie and am sad to have to go.

Fulbright Alumni

Laura was a wonderful counselor. She listened to me without judgment and she created a safe space I could come to each week (and sometimes multiple times in one week) where I could vent. This was, by and far, one of the best counseling relationships I’ve ever had. I think anybody could benefit from her respectful, insightful, experienced perspective.

Fulbright Researcher

Andrea was one of the best counsellors I’ve ever had. She was warm, kind, and understanding and guided me on my path to better mental health and helped me to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. She has an innate empathy, calmness, and aura about her that is hard to find and impossible to replicate. I’m very grateful for having had her help.


Fulbright Researcher

I have loved working with Raushia and will be sad for our counselling to end! She has been very helpful to me in navigating the challenges of this year and has given me the tools and skills to cope with challenging situations in the future. 

Fulbright Alumni

My experience with Poole Therapies & Associates has been absolutely stellar. I believe my counselor to be the perfect balance of compassionate, patient, and professional. I had spoken with 3 or 4 counselors over the last 7 years before meeting with him for the first time, and this is the first one that I’ve found to be truly helpful. We’ve been meeting regularly now for about 6 months, and it’s the first time I feel that therapy is truly working for me. Because of my unique circumstances, I really appreciate the convenience of meeting online and am so incredibly grateful to have found such a knowledgeable and skilled individual to help me navigate my first committed experience with counseling.

Fulbright Alumni

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