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We aim to provide confidential, non-judgmental  - Counselling, and Coaching & Supervision support worldwide.


Whatever the reason for seeking help, whether you are working or studying from home or abroad, it creates challenges.


A team of multi-lingual Counsellors, Coaches, and Supervisors from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.



Languages spoken:

English -  French - Spanish - Greek - Chinese - Mandarin - Punjabi  - Urdu



All our Supervisors, Counsellors/Psychotherapist and Coaches are fully qualified, registered, insured and DBS checked. 

We would like to share with you some of our feedback

"A fantastic team offering exceptional services that are adaptive & inclusive whilst helping to and enable business to look after their clients and employees a like."


Deborah Avery - Head of International Assistance - Everbridge

"I have had the privilege of working with Laura and her amazing team at Poole Therapies for over 4 years. In that time, they have never faltered in that quality of service. Despite working with some very challenging cases (patient confidentiality prevents me from going into detail), in multiple time zones, and in multiple languages.

Poole Therapies has never provided our clients with anything less than exceptional service. Laura has been a constant and provided me and my team with advice and training on how we can best provide our service to give our patients the very best service and support that they deserve. We hope to continue this service for many more years to come."

Karl Touhey - Clinical Manager - Everbridge

"Group/Team Supervision with Laura gave us a confidential space to explore, evaluate, and learn how each member of our clinical team was coping with the complexities of working with International Patients. Each team member was given time to express their needs as well as what support they felt they needed.

Laura also offered individual supervision to each team member to ensure everyone was getting the support they needed. This has been and continues to be a valuable service offered by Laura and Poole Therapies."

Charlotte Gilley - Clinican - Anvil Group

Hi Laura, I know it's been a while, so I just wanted to update you on my life and shoot you another thank you for all the work you did with me last year. I am in a healthy relationship, with the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful man who treats me better than I thought possible and never makes me feel like I am asking for too much (because I don't have to ask, he just does). I truly feel like I don't need therapy anymore after letting go of things and people that were not serving me. I think of you often and the advice you gave me still drives how I exist in relationships. Thank you for all that you do. I hope everything is positive in your world!

Claire - Private Individual - USA

"My counsellor Andrea was very easy to work with and I felt trusted and cared for. I stopped because I felt my symptoms were under control, and also because I started couples therapy, which was also encouraged by my counsellor. I indicated above that it was not a good fit because I am looking for something more psychoanalytical and interventionist, rather than the CBT-based approach of my counsellor. I have no negative feedback for my counsellor. She was very supportive, and an attentive listener, created a safe environment, and provided me with sound advice and support for coping with the symptoms of my anxiety. "

Prashant - Fulbright Alumni

"I was a little sceptical at the beginning, as is often the case in therapy, but it did not take long before I started really looking forward to my sessions because I so much wanted to hear both what Carla had to say and what I had to say (often a surprise)."

Julia  - Fulbright Alumni

"I am super grateful for all the help and advice provided by my counsellor, Claire, it has truly made an impact on my life"

Danilea - Fulbright Alumni

"Working with Laura proved to be deeply meaningful and helpful as I was navigating many interpersonal and professional situations that were extremely complex during my Fulbright grant. I feel very thankful to have had this system of support in place furing my time in Argentina, and hope to encourage future Fulbright grantees and ETA's to utlize this resource to create space for assitance during their time as a Fulbright grantee."

Lenora - Fulbright Alumni

"Victoria provided me a safe space to discuss my problems with her and I felt as if she truly listened and engaged with everything I raised at our sessions together"

Kiana - Fulbright Alumni

"Anna was a brilliant counsellor. She listened, understood my concerns, and provided me with useful tools to deal with my issues. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking counselling."

Xenabeth - Fulbright Alumni

"Yasmin was a great listener and had a talent for getting to the root of the issues I was experiencing. I think that it will always be challenging to establish a deeper counselling relationship working on such a short timeline, but I came out of this experience with a better understanding of myself and an idea of how I’d like to move forward with counselling, and that’s all that I could have asked for!" 

Katriese - Fulbright Alumni

"Working with Colin was great. Before beginning the sessions, I knew I needed some support, and he listened to my concerns and provided me with strategies to overcome some general negativity I was experiencing. It felt like a very focused series of sessions"

Celeb - Fulbright Alumni

"This was the best therapy experience I have ever had. I have tried CBT and been to a religious counselor before but never tried anything trauma-informed. I am very grateful for the help I received. It changed the trajectory of my life, and I am not sure where I would be right now if not for counseling with Raushia. She is amazing!"

Aidan - Fulbright Alumni

"Ellie was an AMAZING counselor. She challenged me to grow without telling me what to do, she helped me through parts work to know myself better, heal past traumas, and recall all the ways I’ve grown, and she used creative art exercises to help me exercise my creative brain to interpret my emotions and feelings and deal with my anxiety"

Lillian - Fulbright Alumni

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