Our Strategy 

Adopted in January 2019


The key elements of this are:

Strengthening Mental Health Support for all

Expanding services across the world and all sectors

improving outcomes for Organisations, Employees, Students & Families

Protecting individual rights & values

Fulfilling the mission

Our Mission

‘To provide a professional counselling, coaching and supervision service to all, therefore we believe passionately that mental health and growth services should be available to everyone no matter where in the world they may be, this allows them to explore their issues in a safe, caring, and confidential space, as well as learning individual coping strategies where needed.’

We have five objectives

To provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for all

To promote equity, equality, and inclusion

To address support for those suffering mental health issues

To improve well-being outcomes for adults, children, young people & families

To develop partnerships with Businesses and Organsations

Our Values are: