Amanda specializes in working with Additions, Domestic Abuse, Family Issues and Trauma, Cultural Diversity, and Trauma.


Amanda has been working in counselling for a decade. She has additional experience in Addiction and working with vulnerable people within the community.


Amanda has worked as a Supervisor, Counsellor, and Team Lead within several local agencies such as working within YMCA Bournemouth since 2015, as counsellor, supervisor, and am now clinical lead.


Amanda is also the staff counsellor for The Bourne Academy, Clinical Supervisor for SUBU Bournemouth University, and Clinical Supervisor for BCHA and runs a successful private practice and offers counselling and clinical supervision


Amanda is passionate about supporting everyone who feels counselling may be of benefit and has extensive knowledge around addictions, anxiety, domestic abuse, eating disorders, transgender, trauma, Borderline Personality, and emotionally Unregulated Personality Disorders.


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Qualifications & Professional Courses

L6 Theraputic Counselling Supervision

L5 Foundation Degree in Counselling

L5 Family Counselling (Systemic)

L5 Dip. Cogntive Behaviour Skills & Theory (CBT)

L4 Dip. Theraputic Counselling

L4 Dip. Life Coaching

Couples Therapy

Children & Young Peoples Counselling

Cert. Online & Telephone Counselling

PDSCP Multi Agency Working togehter in Safeguarding

NOCN Introduction to Drug Awareness

My Counselling Experience

Private Practice –Supervisor, Young People & Adult Counsellor, Life Coach at

YMCA Bournemourth –Counselling Lead & Supervisor, working with a team of counsellor including trianees, support vulnverable people in our local area.

SUBU Bournemourth Univserity –Clinical Supervisor

BCHA –Clincial Supervisor.

E.D.A.S. Essential Drug & Alcohol Service –Counsellor supporting people with Addictions

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