Counselling & Psychotherapy helps you explore your own personal timeline (past/present/future) and helps you find a path back to a balanced and happier you.

While we may be able to deal with some difficulties in our lives, there are times when our problems grow to the point where we struggle to see a way past them.


Counselling and Psychotherapy are not just for those who are frazzled but for self-improvers too.


Your sessions are confidential and support you when you need them the most, whether you are feeling stuck, struggling with issues, or just needing a space to talk about your life and/or career.


Our Therapists are here to support you in maintaining good mental health, being able to thrive and find balance in your life, and building healthy relationships within your personal and professional life.


All our therapists work online for your convivence.


You can have a Single Session or come every week; we won’t lock you into any contracts.


How it works, go to Meet the Team take a look at our Therapists, and then contact us, and we will arrange a free confidential discussion to ensure you have the best counsellor to meet your individual needs.


Here are Eight Commom Reasons why people seek counselling:


Alcohol | Drugs | others



Bereavement & Loss

All areas of life

Sexuality Issues


Eating Disorders

Body Image


including PTSD


Family| Friends| other


(Relationship & Issues)

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