Clinical Supervisor * Counsellor/Psychotherapist * EMDR Trauma Therapist


Rushia specializes in working with, Addictions, Cultural Diversity, Domestic Abuse, Neurodiversity, Sexual Abuse & Trauma, Social Justice, and Trauma.


Raushia realised as a counsellor she could follow her passion regarding race and class in the British Empire. BAME (being of mixed-race heritage), and Anti-Colonial Politics given the struggles that she had faced. She is also passionate about supporting those from ethnic minorities. Those who are oppressed and marginalised due to age race sexual identity.


Raushia's therapeutic approach gives language to the individual. Raushia creates a safe and confidential environment to feel heard and meet where you are at. She understands and accepts the power imbalance within the community and the wider world in which we cohabit.


Like a lot of people, Raushia has struggled with her experiences which has shaped her worldview as a wounded healer. Raushia understands the challenges life can throw at us and knows what it takes to build inner-lasting resilience.


Raushia's journey began over a decade ago to become a counsellor and brought to light her undiagnosed neurodiversity, supporting her in understanding her lifelong battle to conform to a neurotypical world.  She also utilises that her past careers in hospitality/catering and as a support worker in the community setting, Residential & high-intensity hostels.


Raushia was able to accept and realise the struggles she had been through in her earlier educational life were compounded by social economic struggles and being a young parent/ carer. With these experiences and the understanding that they had given her, she now realises we can from time to time all do with support from someone who will accept and listen without judgment.


There is no shame in reaching out and asking for help.


Raushia works as a Pluralistic counsellor, which is underpinned by a Humanistic and Gestalt approach, to add to this she is also EMDR trained & an Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) practitioner. Raushia works in a strength-led, Solution-focused way. This empowers post-traumatic growth and supports my clients to affect sustainable positive behavioural change.


Raushia is experienced in addictions, Coercive Control, Cultural Diversity Issues, Domestic violence, Exploitation, and Sexual Abuse & has a keen interest in Trauma-informed care and Social Justice Issues. 


Qualifications & Professional Courses

L6 Theraputic Counselling Supervision

EMDR Europe - EMDR Practitioner

Dip. Humanistic & Gestalt Therapies

Level 3 Dip. Counselling

Level 3 Substance Misuse

Level 2 Understanding Autism

Safeguarding Children & Adults

Recrimination & Recovery from Complex Trauma

Eating Disorders

Domestice Violence/Abuse

Criminal Justice System & Pre-trail Therapy

Criminal Justice System Probation Services

Addictions Drug & Alcohol

LGBTQ+I matters

My Counselling Experience

YouTrust – as Clinical Supervisor & Counsellor - supervising counsellors and trainee counsellors, working with clients within the community with various issues including Domestic Abuse, Sexual Trauma and Racial issues.

Private Practise – Adult Counsellor working online

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