Emily Childs

Dip. Counselling

Location: Bridgwater, Somerset

Mobile: 07738002261

Email: Yourtimesomerset@hotmail.com

Private Practice Website: your-time-your-way.co.uk

Emily has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of counselling. Emily specialises in bereavement, loss, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, bullying, relationship issues, low self-esteem, low self-worth, conflicts at work, life crisis, gambling addiction, addictive behaviours, lack of confidence and much more.

Emily has her own private practice and works as an integrative counsellor. Emily believes everyone is unique, people learn and process in different ways, which is why she likes to use whatever approach she feels her client is going to benefit from the most. she uses lots of visual aids such as diagrams and pictures as she has found this useful with clients in the past. Through her experience and knowledge, she can have many tools and techniques to use to facilitate the client as best as she can.

Emily’s aim is to give you the space to explore what is going on for you, to be on that journey with you. To also offer a confidential and safe environment for that work to take place.

Due to her lifelong struggle with dyslexia and her realisation that working with visual aids is a good way of explaining emotions and feelings to people, she feels due to this she can offer a different perspective within her counselling work if required. She is passionate about what she does and really thrives on helping people. Emily has volunteered for a bereavement charity for a number of years and has recently been working with a gambling addiction organisation.

‘In my experience I have heard stories of distress and sadness, but I have also heard stories of strength and achievement. I believe that therapy can be challenging and a real struggle at times but if you are persistent with the process then you will see the benefits. How you see yourself will have a big impact on how you handle aspects of your life, I want to help put you back in control’. ‘You are your own cure; I am here to help see you through that journey to get you where you want to be’.


Qualifications & Membership:

Register of counselling and psychotherapist

Level four diploma in therapeutic counselling

Level three cert. counselling studies

Level two cert. counselling skills

My counselling experiences

Private practice

Cruse Bereavement volunteering

Gamcare gambling addiction counselling service

Working within a family run funeral directive offering a bereavement counselling service

Professional courses attended and continuing professional development (CPD)

Bereavement Support Foundation Course with Cruse Bereavement Care including Safeguarding and Mental Health training

Gambling Addiction training CBT with Gamcare

Trauma Awareness with Cruse Bereavement Care

Suicide prevention with Cruse Bereavement Care

Online and Telephone Counselling with CT (Counselling Tutor)

The Aftermath of Rape and Sexual Abuse with Still Waters Counselling

Eating Disorders with Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorder Association (SWEDA)

Trauma level five diploma course (to commence January 2021)

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